The presidential ideotas; new book by Antonio Garcia


AAntonio López de Santa Anna lost all the battles with the United States, except the one in which he did not participate; Benito Juárez was impassive, he did not care whether it rained water or meteorites, he did nothing, “he was eternally a bronze bust”; Porfirio Díaz invented the Day of the Scream to celebrate his birthday and Victoriano Huerta was a Huichol genius for mathematics, an excellent artilleryman, but also a lost alcoholic, murderer and torturer.

The “tragic, absurd, evil stories” of the presidents of Mexico, viewed from a humorous perspective, inspire the book presidential ideas (Diana) by cartoonist Antonio Garci, whose first volume brings together 22 monographs “tasty and full of mischievous stories of each of these rascals.”

In interview with ExcelsiorThe graphic artist explains that this series of monographs goes from Don Juan de O’Donojú, the last Spanish viceroy who ruled from August to October 1821; to Victoriano Huerta, who was in power from February 19, 1913 to July 15, 1914. “A caricature and a recount of the slobbery they did since their government or misgovernment is included,” he details.

Who studied Graphic Communication and Art History at UNAM narrates that in presidential ideas talk in an entertaining way how these presidents came to power. “The causes are sometimes bizarre and absurd: some had to be almost kidnapped to govern and others governed several times and no one peeled them and, when they left, no one found out that they had been presidents and that they had left office.

There are others who reached the presidential chair by accident; and some more who did everything they could to be president and, when they succeeded, they broke the law and even staged a coup, ”he says.

The also screenwriter highlights the case of Vicente Guerrero, president from April to December 1829. “They ended up declaring him mentally incapable of governing. He is the only president who has been declared insane or feeble-minded. And he sees that we have had a lot that fill that profile, but he did fill the plate for the congressmen ”.

The most common thing, he continues, “is that we have had presidents who have wanted to fix a problem and have generated another more serious one and then another bigger one, until they end up collapsing a nation. And there is no limit to being worse. The stupid things that a ruler does are inherited by the one who comes, who enlarges them, and history repeats itself.

Clarify that this book is written with hard data, based on rigorously true facts. “The funniest and most morbid thing is that everything I tell did happen.”

He says that “the great challenge was the curation of bullshit, because there are many and finding them was very simple. I chose the tastiest, the most important, the best. The only promise I make to my readers is that they will laugh a lot.”

the author of Garci’s 50 Leftovers Y Famous assholes in the history of Mexico admits that “unwittingly I found a new way of doing historiography, of approaching historical events and telling them, it is a different perspective based on humor.

We cartoonists are bullshit hunters, we look for the error, the absurd or the contradiction; we go to the essence of that matter and exaggerate it so that it is noticed. I applied that way of seeing the world to narrated monographs”, he says.

He indicates that he is already working on the second volume of presidential ideasthat will evoke the Mexican leaders from 1914 to Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the most recent president. “The idea is to have a complete panorama of all the rulers who gave us the bullshit that we enjoy today.”

In conclusion, after two years of research, Garci points out that “the rulers neither learn nor listen; they don’t have a way to stop and even less without counterweights. The bad thing is that the bullshit they do does not affect them, but the citizens”.

And he declares himself unable to determine the top-ten of generators of idiotas. “The new one is always more asshole than the previous one. I’m afraid it can always be worse.”

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