The sex scenes of ‘House of the Dragon’ leave ‘Game of Thrones’ in question

WARNING: this article contains spoilers for the fourth episode of The House of the Dragon

Game of Thrones he did not shy away from showing violence or sex on screen. During its eight seasons there were no shortage of explicit scenes where blood or naked bodies looked like they were rarely seen on television, showing off the popularity of the adult and intense series that it earned over the years. For this reason, it is not impressive that in the house of the dragon let’s have sequences that follow the same line, as the fourth episode has shown with its high doses of sexual sequences within the Targaryen House or in the streets of King’s Landing. However, here you can see a crucial difference with Game of Thrones that calls into question the way in which the original series was executed behind the scenes.

Rhaenyra Targaryen in 'The House of the Dragon' (Photo: HBO Max)

Rhaenyra Targaryen in ‘The House of the Dragon’ (Photo: HBO Max)

In my opinion, lots of sex scenes Game of Thrones they did more harm than good to the seriesespecially in the first seasons. The way in which these moments were recreated, added to the framework so full of twists and surprises, at times gave me the feeling of watching a pornographic medieval soap opera. I felt that with less explicit charge the series could show off its plot much better, something that confirmed for me when throughout the seasons this high sexual charge faded and my interest, although it always had, increased. But this has not happened to me the house of the dragon and the focus on the sexual section that has had its fourth episode.

There are very intense moments, like the brothel in King’s Landing where Rhaenyra and Daemon (niece and uncle, Targaryen things) live a physical approach while dozens of couples do the same, but I have felt that no sex scene responded to the mere explicit impactbut they were all perfectly justified narratively and added to the whole of the chapter. But not only that, because, unlike the crude and gratuitous way that they were shown in Game of Throneshere the treatment is done with more sensitivity and emotion, paying special attention to the feelings of the characters and being shot with more delicacy. And the explanation for this contrast can be found in the credits of this fourth installment of the series and in the name of the person in charge of directing the chapter: Clare Kilner.

The name of this director probably sounds familiar to very few, since her works have been mostly comedies quite unknown in the 2000s or episodes of series that have not transcended much into social conversation such as Pinch either The Mosquito Coastbut what make clear in the house of the dragon is how important it is to have a female vision in scenes of this natureespecially when the feelings and desires of young women like Rhaenyra Targaryen are being shown.

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And I think that makes it clear that behind the management team of the Game of Thrones original there were very few female voicesWhich is why all his sexual charge was so gratuitous, exaggerated and even out of place. Looking at the names of the directors who were in charge of HBO’s original fiction, there was only one woman among the total of 19 people who were shooting behind the scenes. It was about Michelle MacLaran, who directed two episodes in season three and another couple in the fourth. And the same if we go to the writing field, where Jane Espenson and Vanessa Taylor wrote respectively one and three chapters, which is nothing compared to the total of 73.

In my opinion, this latest episode of the house of the dragon It is, for the moment, the best of this first season. And this detail had a lot to do with it, because I think we have rarely seen Game of Thrones a chapter so guided by the emotional terrainthat he knew how to create his tension from the most sentimental side of his characters and play so well with his high sexual charge. And this differentiating point, I think, makes evident the importance of the diversity of voices so that a product manages to stay fresh, surprise, be more effective and connect with a greater spectrum of the public.

The good thing is that the lesson seems learned and Clare Kilner stands as one of the main filmmakers in charge of the house of the dragonsince, according to the information revealed by HBO, he has also been in charge of directing the fifth and ninth episodes. A) Yes, even more confident that this spin-off of Game of Thrones has in mind the mistakes of its predecessor and that is on its way to becoming another of the great fantasy fictions of our times.

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