“There is going to be magic, a lot of magic”: ‘Disenchanted’ returns with Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey in a very fanciful way – Movie News

After 17 years, Giselle’s story returns to the big screen.

During the D23 of 2022Disney released the first trailer for the long-awaited sequel disenchantedstarring Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey, and directed by Adam Shankman. After 17 years, Giselle returns to the big screen since he made his debut in 2007, the year in which he was made with the affection of the public.

Many events have happened since it was released. Nice to meet you. Giselle’s storynow the filmmaker takes over Adam Shankmanwho is in charge of directing this second part. “The shooting has been a fantasy”, the director revealed to us during the red carpet of the Disney Live Action panel. However, not everything has been fireworks and colored unicorns, the filming, as he states, “has been very hard”.

In a normal situation it would have been wonderful and easy, but we shot in the middle of a pandemic and well, I’m not going to lie to you, it’s been very difficult. But despite everything, I am very proud and satisfied with the work we have done. We are going to return with magic, a lot of magic

Adams and Dempsey once again get into the shoes of Giselle and Robert, respectively, this time many years later, however, despite this great temporal distance, it seems that the connection between the actors has remained intact. “The chemistry between Amy (Adams) and Patrick (Dempsey) is amazing. Both have grown personally and professionally. Both of them have been parents along the way and well, life has changed for both of them,” he says. Shankman.

The same thinks Gabriella Baldacchino, the actress who is in charge of giving life to Morgan Phillip, the daughter of Giselle and Robert. “The experience of working with them has been incredible. They have been like real parents for in the movie. We have spent a lot of time together and, you know, in the end it has been created as a small family and I have learned a lot from them on set, ”says the interpreter.

During D23, the team of disenchanted was present at the Disney convention to premiere the first trailer for the filmwhat can you see on these lines; and the reaction of the public could not have been more incredible, something that its protagonists and director will be eternally grateful for.

It was amazing seeing the trailer for the first time in front of everyone. It’s been crazy. Yo I was a super fan of the first movie and I totally understand how they felt”, says Baldacchino excitedly, who considers herself an absolute fan of the first installment. For his part, the director of the film could not believe the reception of the public in the convention hall: