this beastly Samsung TV is the best for your living room

this beastly Samsung TV is the best for your living room

Get an impressive Samsung Smart TV for your living room taking advantage of the discount of more than 1,800 euros offered by the company.

1,800 euros discount, 4K and your favorite apps: this beastly Samsung TV is the best for your living room

It seems hard to believe, but today you can get one of the best Samsung Smart TVs with more than 1,800 euros discount. The opportunity comes from the hand of Samsung itself, which collapses the price of 65-inch model Q95TD up to 949 euros using the coupon TV5 EXTRA on the samsung official store. The recommended retail price is 2,799 euros, so you can see that you can get a very expensive smart TV for a much cheaper price.

We are talking about a Smart TV with impressive features, starting with its 65 inches so you can watch your favorite movies as if you were at the cinema. Also, image resolution is 4Kso the quality is assured. If we take into account that it has Tizen OS as its operating system, we can also add that you will be able to use your favorite apps, like NetflixHBO Max or Youtube.

In short, it is a high-quality television that you can now buy with a discount of 1,800 euros. Tap on the “Pre-purchase” button and, on the purchase page, enter the coupon TV5EXTRA in the promotional code section. Afterwards, you can proceed to the purchase normally. without paying home deliveryit’s included in the price.

Samsung 65″ Q95TD QLED TV

Buy the Samsung Q95TD TV with more than 1,800 euros discount

Samsung QLED Q95TD

This impressive Smart TV Samsung QLED Q95TD has more than 1,800 euros discount.

If you are looking for a new television for the living room, this Smart TV Q95TD is a highly recommended option. First of all, for its modern design, with a single foot in the central part that is really beautiful. You should keep in mind that it is a 65-inch screenso, in addition to needing a large free space to place it, it must also be at least 2.25 meters away from the sofa for the experience to be optimal.

When you buy this smart TV from Samsung, you will enjoy the programs, series and movies as if you were in the cinema. In addition to its large size, this is possible thanks to QLED technology and 4K resolution (3,840 x 2,160 pixels), which is responsible for offering images with excellent contrastwith very pure blacks and very vivid colors.

Also, the sharpness is spectacularwith an Artificial Intelligence it is in charge of adjusting the image and sound depending on the content. You should also keep in mind that you have anti-glare technology and compatibility with HDR10+ content to make the images even better.

As for the audio, the TV mounts a 50W speaker that combines power and high resolution audio. If you want, you can accompany it with a good sound system to make the experience even better. As for power consumption, typical consumption is 140Wso you can be calm because it does not consume much.

Another point in favor of buying this impressive Smart TV is that it comes with Tizen OS as operating systemwhich means you can download your favorite apps from the store. This multiplies the entertainment options, since the most popular streaming platforms are at your disposal: Netlix, YouTube, Twitch, Prime Video…

Samsung 65″ Q95TD QLED TV

The additional features of this model do not lower the level. For example, they have voice assistants Bixby, Alexa and Google Assistant so you can control its operation only by using your voice. In terms of connectivity, it has 4 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, Wi-Fi 5, Bluetooth 4.2network input and many more possibilities.

It’s clear that the Samsung Q95TD TV has all the features you should be looking for in your new TV, and then some. Get a premium model taking advantage of the discount of 1,850 eurosyou will not regret the purchase.

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