this is the way to see cheaper movie premieres

It is true that there are streaming video platforms that present us with a multitude of titles for a monthly or annual subscription. We can even find some of these free online platforms with certain movie titles that we can enjoy. But here we want to focus on the latest releases that many users are constantly looking for. In fact, we can do without such well-known platforms as Netflix, Max HBO either Disney+ to be able to see the latest releases on our home TV.

To do this, some platforms and applications offer us the possibility of viewing this content in the form of recently released movies. Of course, we are talking about totally legal and legitimate platforms, so we will have to pay a certain price to view these contents. However, in many cases we will save a good amount of euros Regarding movie theaters. Next, we will talk about some of these online services with which you can see the cheapest movie premieres.

First of all, we must take into consideration that the titles available on each of these platforms may differ. The same happens with the prices available in each of them, in some places the same film will be cheaper than in others.

At the same time, we must also keep in mind that some of these proposals offer us the possibility of both buying and renting these premiere films. This will allow us to choose if we want to have that title forever, or see it in a timely manner. Between both options the price difference is quite important. It must be said that in general terms the premiere rentals are between 4 and 5 euros, while purchases range from 9 to 15.

Microsoft Store

Here we refer to the official Windows store, which in addition to games and programs to install, allows us to both rent and buy movies. Some of them are premiere titles and we have the possibility, depending on each one, of choose quality to which we want to visualize it. Obviously the movies in Ultra High Definition will be the most expensive. Therefore, we can access all of this directly from our Microsoft operating system in a very comfortable way.

movie store

Amazon Prime Video

Here we refer to the video service offered by the e-commerce giantAmazon, and that is also integrated into its Prime modality. We have a good amount of movies, series and documentaries for free. But at the same time it offers us one-off titles plus the recent premiere by paying the corresponding purchase or rental cost.

amazon prime cinema


Surely practically all of you know this popular streaming video portal. But it is also interesting to know that in addition to all that multiple free content, the platform also presents us with movie premieres that we can enjoy. Of course, as in the rest of the exposed cases, we will also have to pay to be able to view these recent film releases.

top gun youtube


Here we find the platform presented by the giant Apple where do we find both free and paid content. In addition, we find a complete file in order to obtain the most information on the title that we have chosen in this case.