Turn your old Samsung tablet into a Dashboard for Android Auto

Turn your old Samsung tablet into a Dashboard for Android Auto

The popular Mishaal Rahman has managed to turn a Samsung Galaxy TabS5e into an Android Automotive device with support even for Android Auto.

Turn your old Samsung tablet into a Dashboard for Android Auto

Sometimes it’s hard to be aware of what the Android community brings to the platformespecially now that most users have stopped root your devices and the improvements of the scene they are more testimonial and focused on certain devices, many of them discontinued and that keep your updates thanks to ROM cooks.

In fact, on most occasions when we go to the Android community it is to revive devices that we had forgotten in the drawerssomething that the popular misaal rahman has done with his old Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e by turn it into a fully functional Android Automotive device and with the ability to even connect to a smartphone and run Android Auto.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e turned into an Android Automotive panel

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e turned into an Android Automotive device.

And here your doubts and all the alarms will be jumping, because effectively Android Automotive and Android Auto are not the same as now you will see:

  • Android Auto is a simplified and adapted Android panel for vehicles, which the smartphone itself will display through the car’s multimedia system connected via cable or wireless.
  • Android Automotive is a complete software for the infotainment systems of our cars, developed by the Open Automotive Alliance promoted by Google and that can completely bring a vehicle to life as it already does with some models from Volvo, Polestar or Lync & Co.

In fact, it is that Android Automotive has support for Android AutoTherefore, a multimedia system with Android Automotive will be capable, like any current multimedia system from Mercedes-Benz, Toyota or Volkswagen, among others, of show us the familiar and simplified interface of Android Auto if we connect a smartphone to the Automotive head unit.

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The fact is that, as our friends from Android Police told us, the good guy Mishaal Rahman has managed to install the Android Automotive firmware on the Galaxy Tab S5e and make it fully functionalobviously with certain problems in these initial phases of development but with the most basic options already 100% available.

As you can see in his Twitter thread, the system works perfectly and the tablet can show us the standard version of Android Automotive without the customizations of the manufacturer in turn, being able to also connect a smartphone via USB to run Android Auto without complications.

Certain things do fail, because although the general part of the interface looks good, it seems that location access is unstable and that Google Maps fails a lot for this reason. is also incomplete profile configurationwhile the weather widget doesn’t work at all and doesn’t display any information. And more striking for now you see a strange watermark indicating that it is pre-production hardware, something that is obviously wrong and has to do with the initial phases of this Port.

In any case, evolution is promising because anyone with an old vehicle could have an Android Automotive system in their car just by dusting off an old tablet, something that Mishaal Rahman has promised for wants to port Android Automotive to more different devices from more manufacturers.

The creator has even responded with a “I wish” to a Twitter user’s question in which questioned the possibility of creating a generic image of the system so that anyone could port it and install it on their devices. Please note that these GSI images are unique builds and are compatible with many different devices that often used for ‘beta’ testing.

Interesting, especially since Mishaal has also said that is investigating the Spotify Car Thinga discontinued device could be given a new and better life as an Android Automotive system for any older vehicle… We’ll be alert!

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