What happens if you eat foods with sugar before sleeping?

What happens if you eat foods with sugar before sleeping?

Added sugars are those that are added to foods and beverages when they are processed or prepared, some of them are consumed at dinner such as candy, ice cream, sugary cereal or sweetened tea.

According to the portal The newspaper, Excessive consumption of sugary foods before bed could have health consequences.

In the aforementioned portal they cite Dr. Michael Breus, who indicates that “there is evidence that consuming more sugar is related to more restless and interrupted sleep.”

On the other hand, in a 2016 study, volunteers took longer to fall asleep and spent less time in deep sleepthis, because they consumed diets high in sugar.

On the website the sleep doctorSpecialist Michael Breus explains the benefits of deep sleep for the physical restoration and healing of the body. Getting a good night’s rest is also essential for maintaining a healthy metabolism and immune function.

The increase in sugar intake is related to chronic inflammation, an affectation that can lead to problems such as obesity, cancer or diabetes, as indicated by the portal Harvard Health Journal. Sleep apnea is also caused by consuming sugar before bed.

Sugar can cause inflammation of the tissues lining both the mouth and throat, causing swelling and increasing mucus production”, affirms Brandon R. Peters, sleep doctor in words that the portal collects Business Insider.

The specialist adds that this inflammation causes postnasal drip that affects breathing, which triggers snoring.

There are not many studies that prove that the consumption of sugar before sleeping affects weight, but it is clear that excess of this substance is stored in fat cells, as explained by the Cleveland Clinic, which promotes obesity.

Experts point out that the consumption of excess sugar during the day is not harmful to health either, that energy obtained is spent with the passing of the hours in the day, but, with the intake of very sugary foods at night , the body will not perform any physical activity that can expel that energy.

Experts in health, diet and nutrition They recommend having a light dinner, at least three hours before going to bed. There are foods that seem harmless and very appetizing, such as desserts, but nutrition specialists advise avoiding them at night, it is best to opt for foods such as vegetables.

Other foods to avoid before bed

According to the portal better with healthbutter is a companion in many preparations. However, due to its high content of saturated fat, experts advise that it should not be eaten before bedtime.

Its consumption should always be moderate, but it is advisable to avoid it at night, since it generates some difficulties at the digestive level.

A small candy bar may seem harmless at this time of day, but these types of foods are rich in refined sugars that can affect your quality of sleep. “Its compounds stimulate the activity of the nervous system and put the brain in a state of alert that prevents sleep”, they add in Better with health.

Hot sauces serve to give a touch of flavor to many culinary preparations. But experts advise against consuming them at night, as they alter the production of acidic juices in the stomach.

In some cases, the intake of these sauces at night produces episodes of acid reflux and abdominal burning. Another important issue is that it contains too many calories and can influence overweight.