Where can the Qatar World Cup games be seen?

We are 68 days away from the start of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. It already feels very close, since the collection and exchange of World Cup stamps has begun, but with the complexity of watching sports in the world on TV Given the number of platforms available and limitations due to rights, it is important to know which platforms will carry the World Cup activity and which games will be on each of these. A guide, then, to the World Cup.

In Mexico, the only platform that, as is tradition, will have all 64 World Cup matches will be Darling, restricted TV service that has 7 million subscribers. The difference between this World Cup and the previous ones is that Sky will “democratize” football and, in all its packages, -from the prepaid one, to the most expensive, the SkyHD Black-, you will be able to see the games. There is an important advantage for those who have the Blue to GO service: they will be able to watch the games outside where they have their decoder. Thus, if due to the complicated schedules the meetings fall during office hours or during a journey, it will be possible to see them via this application.

Another option with a significant number of matches will be izzy, restricted TV service that has 4.3 million subscribers. This system will have a minimum of 40 games available, some via the VIX+ streaming platform included in Izzi. Also, this company has Izzi Go, an app that will allow you to see them on your mobile or tablet.

Finally, both TelevisaUnivision What aztec tv They will take 32 games. For legal and economic reasons, they share parties, although each one with its own transmission. In both you can see 23 matches of the first World Cup phase, four of the round of 16, two of the quarterfinals, the two semifinals and the World Cup final. If the National Team passes its third game, it can also be seen on both television stations.

However, there is a difference between the rights of Mexican television stations: only Televisa has the digital rights from FIFA for the Qatar World Cup, so the streaming options that include the use of matches and images on mobile devices and the Internet will only be available on the platforms of the San Ángel television station and its subsidiaries.

No other television or platform other than those mentioned above will be able to broadcast matches or images of the World Cup, and FIFA does an important job around the world to verify and demand that only authorized companies carry the games to which they are entitled. And it is that it takes great care of this part, since the transmission rights represent 56% of its total income, being 2 thousand 214 million euros for this World Cup.

To monitor these rights, FIFA has the “Legal and Compliance” division, in which a Spaniard, Emilio García Silvero, directs more than 150 lawyers and several regional offices, who in turn have contracted digital monitoring to demand millionaire reparations in case of violations.
For radio, apparently the licensee of the 64 games in Mexico will be Radiopolis System (W Radio), but on the FIFA page Televisa is still shown as the licensee of the radio rights (FIFA Media Rights Licensees). It must be remembered that Televisa sold its participation in Radiópolis two years ago, with which an agreement was surely signed to sublicense them.

Thus, the transmission of the World Cup that begins on November 20 will be limited to a few platforms. Among these, the difference to conquer the preference of the audience will fall on the number of games, their narrative and, of course, the World Cup experience itself, but technological evolution will surely mean that, as in no other World Cup, the digital experience in mobile equipment is an important differentiator. The involvement of Mexican audiences will depend, in large part, on the permanence of the National Team in the different rounds of this sporting event. We wish you luck.

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